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Lovelyann Godson is the key behind Lady Gaga's success

Back when “Gags” (as Gibson refers to her, pronounced ‘Gawgs’), was merely another wannabe star performing for free atop sticky bars in seedy, East Village clubs, Laurieann Gibson supposedly looked out in the crowd of disinterest and declared that Gaga would sell 10 million albums. Those that laughed then may be the same ones now blowing up Gibson’s iPhone which is at a constant abuzz or buying the records of the artists she guides—aside from Gaga—as a Creative Director for music label behemoth Interscope Records. Such is the life of this reality show star and self-professed architect of the world’s latest blonde ambition.

What was the connection between you and Gaga? You have worked with other females with much less success.
I finally had an artist that listened and I was able to demonstrate my full potential. She did not have a deal at the time and I was able to creatively live without anyone looking over my shoulder.

How did you meet?
Vincent Herbert (husband of Tamar Braxton) introduced us. She had watched me on MTV’s Making The Band and she did not have a deal or the album done. I helped her shape her opinion as an entertainer, superstar and an icon. I helped build the brand from scratch.

You were quite successful before meeting Lady Gaga, what did you see that made you invest in her?
I did not see anything in her. I just loved the music. There were some records that spoke to my creativity. Then I began to develop it as if I was interpreting the music. Because she is so fearless she began to mimic the idea of what I was pulling out of her and we both realized that there was a true connection between our processes.

You two seem to share the same type of passion for artistry.
Yes, but more importantly it’s all just a demonstration of my brand. [That passion is] somewhere where she constantly goes and she’s the one person that went for it and it worked for her.

You are constantly on the move. Don’t you ever just get tired and want to stop?
How dare I get tired? Because of Gaga’s trust in this gift she is #1 in the world. I am so fortunate to be doing this. I am not allowed to get tired.

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