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The world still loves Lindsay Lohan

NEW YORK – Lindsay Lohan rose to fame as a child movie star and has by the time she left her teenage years behind her, already was considered a rising Hollywood starlet and was a chart topping singer. However in recent years, the once adored actress has become more known for her hard partying ways, family drama and regular appearances in front of courtroom judges. The young actress’s habits have even gotten in the way of her career, as many directors have stated that they don’t wish to work with her because she is a perfect picture of an impossible princess.

Career in the gutter or not, the public has never lost interest in Lindsay and she has somehow managed to stay in the media despite not really working. Even more than that, Amplicate data shows that 93 percent of social media users love Lindsay Lohan. Amplicate collected over 7000 positive opinions about the actress, but what is interesting to see is that the number of positive opinions spiked in the last few months when all Lindsay was in the media for was court dates and house arrests.

According to Amplicate, fans love Lindsay Lohan because of her talent and looks. Some love her in specific roles she did and others prefer her as a model or a singer. However hardly anybody among her fans or haters seems to mind her drug abusive and partying ways. All that positive feedback from facebook, Twitter and Amplicate users puts Lindsay on the ninth place of the Top Singer-Actress Chart.

Somebody once said that nobody in Hollywood has a clue why some things work and others don’t, and perhaps the unyielding public spotlight and support Lindsay Lohan is getting even though she hasn’t been doing anything truly spotlight worthy, can be explained with that. However, if the recent tragic passing of Amy Winehouse should teach the world anything it should be that drug abuse is no less harmful when done in front of a big audience, so let’s hope that Lindsay’s drug and alcohol story has a happier epilogue.
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