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Toddlers & Tiaras Star: 'I Want To Be Brown Like Beyonce'

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Pageant star Allyson might look like Shirley Temple, but her dream is to grown up and be "brown like Beyoncé," and in the upcoming episode of Toddlers & Tiaras she gets a spray tan to look like her idol!

"She's always liked dark skin and thought it was beautiful," Allyson's mom says in this sneak peek of the upcoming episode obtained by

Spray tans are all the rage for toddlers that compete in beauty pageants, and Allyson gets her wish for darker skin. "I like tanning because I want to be brown like Beyoncé," the little girl says and her mom agrees.

"She would much rather look like Beyoncé."

The little girl also has a penchant for "brown" dolls according to her mom. "When Allyson picks out her own toys she won't pick out a peach doll, she will only pick out a brown doll."

Her spray tan might be temporary, but Allyson wishes her skin was permanently darker. "She's prayed before that Jesus would make her brown," her mom says.

Check out the video to watch Allyson's dream of having brown skin come true.

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