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The summer's biggest fool picks a mate


Last night, America waited with bated breath to find out which man Ashley chose to be her husband. Was it JP or Ben F? Did he propose? Are they still together?

After careful consideration and arguments with her butthurt bitch ass sister, she chose JP.

Despite the romantic dates, the beautiful destinations and the large pool of suitors to choose from, most contestants on reality show The Bachelorette have been unable to find lasting love.
But Ashley Hebert and her chosen suitor J.P Rosenbaum are determined to defy the cynics after a dramatic finale last night which saw Ashley receive a romantic proposal and sparkling ring.
'We're going to prove the sceptics wrong,' Ashley told Good Morning America host Robin Roberts this morning.

'This is something special,' added J.P, 34, adding that they were thinking of tying the knot in 2012.
'Ashley is going to move to New York, she's going to finish up school , we're going to find a place,' he revealed. 'She'll find a job, we'll get settled and then we'll talk about weddings maybe at the end of next year.'

The couple, who kissed as they left a New York television studio this morning after a slew of interviews, have been forced to keep their romance a secret while the dramatic final episodes of the pre-recorded show played out on U.S. television.
So being able to go public as a couple had been 'a weight of our shoulders,' J.P said today.

'It was kind of fun at first to keep the secret, but towards the end, we were ready to come out into the open,' said Ashley, a 25-year-old dentist, who added that the couple have a 'solid relationship.

'I think we compliment each other so well,' she said. 'He's exactly what I've been looking for. He's been my rock and I think everything that happened on the season really brought us closer and we have a great foundation.'
But J.P admitted he sometimes found it tough to watch the series, which featured his new fiancée getting close to other male contestants.

'Granted, when it got a little later on in the season, it started to bother me a little more, but I don't think she had what we have with any other guy.'

Rest of the tl;dr recap of the finale at the Source

idk she still seems to have serious insecurity issues and the whole Bentley thing was just cringeworthy and horrible, and something seems off about JP. on the plus side, there is now an attractive single vineyard owner up for grabs.

Mods, I fixed the tags.

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