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‘Jackass’ Director Reveals Details On Ryan Dunn Tribute

Jackass director Jeff Tremaine hung out at the MTV cocktail party, even though the network did not present any new Jackass material at their Television Critics Association panels. Over a couple of Mai Tais, Tremaine told me that the tragedy of Ryan Dunn’s death will inspire a new collection of Jackass hilarity.

“We’re gearing up to do a tribute to Ryan,” Tremaine said. “That’s our next project. It hurt pretty bad. It’s hurt everybody but we want to celebrate his life and show everybody. We have just such an amazing bank of footage of him. We’re going to dig it all up so we’ll discover it too.”

The special will include never before scene outtakes from the Jackass movies and TV-show. Tremaine remembers one that would be the ultimate find.

“There’s always been the Van Surfing, him and Chris re-enacting a scene from Teen Wolf that didn’t go well. We’ll see if they’ll let us air it but it’s pretty funny. Ryan was riding on the roof of the van and the van was speeding towards a body of water, stopped a little bit short. He made it to the water but the water was only like five inches deep, slammed pretty bad.”

MTV’s new Teen Wolf series didn’t even do the van surfing. Actually, the Jackass team self-censored that one, and Tremaine is still on the fence. “We decided not to air that because we thought that kids might imitate it too easily.”

The Jackass crew will shoot new interviews for the special, which Tremaine hopes will air in the fall.


Also, for those that haven't seen...Bam recently got a tribute tattoo for Ryan on his right shoulder.


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