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Mila Kunis Smacks Down A Reporter In Russian

A Russian reporter at a press junket attached to the Russian premiere of Friends With Benefits had the gall to ask Justin Timberlake “why movies” (in lieu of, say, music). A delay in translation kept Timberlake from responding, so his co-star Mila Kunis jumped in to deliver a verbal smackdown in the reporter’s native tongue.

“Why movies? Why not?” Kunis, who moved to California from Ukraine at age 7, testily replied. “What kind of question is that? Why are you here?”

воом! роустед.

source 1 and source 2

EDIT - a very helpful contribution from Ukrainian-born ONTDer myownjinx :

The reporter asked why Justin was doing movies. Mila's reply was because he can and because he enjoys what he does, so why not. The reporter then hinted that Hollywood is a mindless industry (popular Russian opinion...I myself will be working in entertainment and many of my friends and family who live in Ukraine share the mentality that Hollywood is brainless, useless, etc) and fished for a reply that would consist of Mila defending the industry. Instead, Mila asked THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE? As in, your reporter job isn't exactly benefiting third world countries. All in all it was clever, not bitchy of her to say that considering the reporter's question.
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