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How Would The Earth's Special Forces Fit Into The Marvel and DC Universe?

The Dragonball Universe is a very fictional universe it's very out there so to speak. Some of these characters have the ability to destroy planets, galaxies and even entire universes. Now we look over at the Marvel and DC universe and they have plenty of characters who can do these very same things and more so how would the Z warriors fit into the Marvl and DC universes?

First lets take a look at the DC Universe. Would Goku and the Z Warriors be apart of the Justice League or JSA? Would Superman and Goku be friends? How would Batman react to these characters would some of them be Lanterns? These are all very interesting questions but what do you think?

With DC having so many characters dead, King Kai would be a very busy guy probably so buys for his own good.

Now lets look at the Marvel Universe, this a littler harder seeing as Marvel is more grounded and "realistic". How would Shield deal with the Z Warriors, would they fit more into the cosmic Marvel Universe? I would hope that they would not turn these characters into unlikable characters like what they did with the Sentry in Dark Reign, basically taking a superman like character and turning him into a villain. This would be very intriguing to see how they would handle DBZ/GT characters in their universe.

Would The Z warriors be looked down upon as like mutants are especially the Saiyan race? That could be an interest route to tackle but at the same time it it could take away from the essence of the characters. I could definitely see characters like Red Skull, Loki and Thanos getting their hands on the Dragonballs and just going crazy with them.


I have to be honest I really want Wolverine to go head to head with Vegeta XD!!!
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