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David Copperfield definitely has a Pottermore account

 Cease or be crushed! Master magician David Copperfield threatens to squash JK Rowling with the Statue of Liberty if Harry Potter does not disappear in spoof video

He is the international magic man of mystery most famous for making the Statue of Liberty disappear.
Now David Copperfield seems to want to make everyone’s favourite boy wizard vanish, as he has sent out a cease and desist letter to JK Rowling claiming her Harry Potter stories are a rip-off of his life story.
The famously straight-faced illusionist was playing it for laughs in a spoof video sure to raise a smile among magic fans of all kinds.

Suits you sir: Magic legend David Copperfield revealed he is issuing a legal challenge to Harry Potter author JK Rowling because she ripped off the story of his life in a spoof video

The legend of legerdemain’s most outrageous claim is that he saved the world by crushing an evil wizard by vanishing the Statue of Liberty and making it land on top of him.
David, 54, then warns Scotland-based author JK Rowling she can expect the same treatment if she ignores his legal challenge.
He said: ‘I tried calling JK Rowling to sort this out but she’s too busy buying castles to fill with money.
‘So I have no choice but to cast a litigation spell.’He chants some magic words and makes his ‘cease and desist letter’ float out of an envelope and into his hand.

The star, who once dated supermodel Claudia Schiffer, said: ‘I’m sending this by certified owl, you’ll have five days to comply and if you don’t, well I might have to Statue of Liberty you.’
In the hilarious Funny or Die film, which was recorded at the Copperfield Conservatory of Wonder, he announces: ‘Recently a little snot-nosed punk has been trying to steal my thunder – Harry Potter.
‘He ripped me off. Everything in that Potter series was stolen from my life, and I can prove it. Come with me.’

As if by magic: David Copperfield says he had a disappearing train long before Harry Potter had the Hogwart's Express

Exhibit B: The master magician also showed off what he claimed was the original invisibility cloak in the spoof video

The star, who has grossed more than $1 billion in ticket sales during his career, then walks away and visually disappears into thin air before starting the rest of his rant in another part of his sprawling magic museum.
He said: ‘Harry Potter’ invisibility cloak, I invented it in 1983.
‘Potter had a magic disappearing train, hmmm how original.
‘Harry studied at Hogwarts, well so did I. Craig Hogwart’s At Home College for Magic and TV/VCR repair.

Pushing the envelope: David Copperfield toys with the message he plans to have delivered to JK Rowling via certified owl.

‘Harry can talk to snakes. Big deal.’
Prodigious prestidigitator Copperfield then does an impersonation of a snake hissing to demonstrate his own Dr Doolittle-esque abilities.
However the 21-time Emmy award winner goes further, claiming the boy wizard even ripped off his look.
He said: ‘I was rocking the round glasses when I was nine, and I too have a scar shaped like a lightning bolt.
‘I just can’t show you. It’s in a personal area.’
And he even claims his own personal ‘feud’ with Alan Rickman proves beyond reasonable doubt he has been scammed.
He said: ‘My best friend is dude named Ron. One time I met Alan Rickman and he was a total d*** to me.’

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