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Who went home on the Glee Project?


Episode synopsis:
This week's theme: Sexuality
Challenge song: Like a Virgin by Madonna
Challenge Guest Judge: Mark Salling and Ashley Fink (Puck and Lauren)
Challenge Winner: Samuel
Hannah really likes Damian. Sexuality makes Cameron uncomfortable. Samuel doesn't want to pretend to be gay because his mom wouldn't like it. All the girls and Alex have problems during recording. Alex is over the top. Damian needs the most direction out of everyone according to Zach. Fat girls can only have story lines involving food. Cameron doesn't want to kiss Hannah. The music video is about 10 different kinds of awkward.

Group Performance: Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

Bottom Three:
Alex: I Will Survive
Cameron: Blackbird
Damian: Danny Boy
They couldn't find fault where there was none so they picked a top three instead of a bottom three. Ryan really didn't Damian's performance. Alex couldn't keep up with the beat. Cameron's growing slower than anyone else. Cameron feels its not fair to stay there when he still has reservations and everybody else is willing to do whatever the director wants. Ryan is working hard to keep Cameron around. Cameron saved Damian

By special request from last week's post:

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Tags: glee (fox), reality show

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