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The Dark Knight Rises filming in Pittsburgh Pics

So, after braving some fun traffic (they closed down one block of Fifth Avenue, and people are freaking out), I decided to scour the web for pics from the first two days of shooting for TDKR.

Yesterday, filming took place in a row house in Lawrenceville. Gary Oldman's police Commissioner Jim Gordon ran up the house's steps in take after take to alert the judge to dirty dealings and increasing violence in Gotham.

Well-meaning Wayne Enterprises board member Miranda Tate, played by Marion Cotillard, came to the judge's house in a scene with Commissioner Gordon and Detective Jim Blake, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Ms. Cotillard braved the heat in leather boots and a navy wool peacoat, which she quickly shed at the end of the take, while Mr. Gordon-Levitt was lucky enough to film in shirtsleeves.

Today, however - it appears that they are filming a giant prison break/riot type scene. According to the source, Anne Hathaway is on set and dressed in a prison outfit as well - might just be speculation.

Here are some prisoner pics & Christian Bale throwing some pro ninja moves:

Here is a video of three new tumbler vehicles for good measure parked on Fifth:

Here is Bane tearing up a pic of Harvey Dent:

Source 1
Source 2 - my driving excursion after buying the new Dresden Files book + my eyes
Source 3
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