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Gwyn Nixes Name

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Is Gwyneth Paltrow going to saddle her impending bundle of joy with a moniker so oddball that even sweet-faced little Apple will join in on the playground teasing?

So says the New York Post, which claims Mrs. Chris Martin is expecting a boy whom she plans to dub Mortimer, an appellation that pretty much limits his career prospects to telling take-my-wife-style one-liners in the Catskills (we're here all week -- try the veal!).

The name game started when the swelling Oscar winner took a pop email quiz on "Tonight Show" funnyman Ross Mathews' blog and mentioned the Mortimer moniker. According to the paper, the tag is a tribute to her godfather Steven Spielberg, whom she purportedly calls "Uncle Morty" (no, we don't know why).

But it turns out there's still hope that Gwyneth's pomme in the oven will get a label in the fruit or veggie genre. After the story appeared in the Post, the actress, who's not exactly known for her sense of humor, got back in touch with Mathews to point out that, hey, she was just joking with that whole Morty thing.

source: msn
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