Matt Bomer collars big audience on cable

Matt Bomer is so handsome you wonder if he was engineered, not born. Dig beneath the model looks and you realize he's not just a good-looking guy, he's a really good actor.

The tailored look he sports in public? It's just a matter of respect, he says. "I think you need to dress nice when you go to talk to people about your show."

The show -- "White Collar" -- has generated a lot of buzz, largely because Bomer is such a charismatic leading man. He plays a con artist who partners with an FBI agent to solve crimes.

Like "Remington Steele," the USA series gives its star a great launching pad -- one that has translated into film work and occasional hosting gigs.

While filling in for Kathie Lee Gifford on the "Today" show, Bomer even sang, revealing yet another color in his box. Performing on the Kennedy Center Honors, he wowed audiences with a tribute to Jerry Herman.
"It was an amazing experience," Bomer says. "I think the last time I sang on stage was 10 years ago."

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