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Hi everyone. I'm a second year law student who is in a seminar class this semester. The main feature of this class is that I have to write a 30-40 page paper on a topic of my choosing. I'm writing about the copyright issues relating to the large pop-culture fandom that has found a home on the internet. Part of my paper is addressing what the average user of these sites knows/thinks about copyright issues on the internet.

Below is a list of questions relating to what I'm writing about. Please answer them if you have the time and if you have any questions, I'd love to answer them! Please email your answers to:

I'd like to make clear to everyone that I'm not looking for nuanced, researched, expert answers. I'm really trying to find out what the average pop-culture devotee internet user thinks about copyright. Off-the-top-of-your-head answers are all I want.

Please also understand that these are not meant to be leading questions. I don't know that any copyright infringements are taking place on this or any other fansite. Again, I just want to get what you basically think about this stuff, not to suggest people here are doing anything wrong. Promise!

1. What is your understanding of the legalities of posting photographs, articles, movie clips, etc, to message boards or forums? Would you say you know the basics of the United States' copyright laws?
2. Do you believe you infringe on anyone’s copyright by posting these works? Why or why not?
3. Do you worry about any potential personal copyright infringement liability related to the your posting photographs and articles?
4. Do you believe any potential lawsuit brought against you would be successful? Why or why not?
5. Do you think owners of websites that are devoted to pop culture issues such as movies, celebrities, television shows, etc, should pay for posting relevant photographs, articles, movie clips, etc, on their sites for fans to look at?
6. What do/did you think of the Napster legal problems and individual use of peer-to-peer networks? Is I-Tunes an adequate substitute? Why or why not?
7. Do you think paparazzi should be able to profit from the use of their photos on celebrity websites?
8. Do you think journalists should profit of the use of quotes and sections of the articles they write?
9. Any extra thoughts on copyright law you’d like to share would be helpful!
10. If I cite to your answer, what name would you want me to use for you?

Thanks so much for helping!!

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