Oh Yeah. This is a REALLY Good Idea...

Brooke Mueller has reportedly been living with her ex-husband after his second goddess decided to dump him. But are they reconciling?

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, whose divorce was finalized in May, are said to be considering getting back together.

Brooke has been hanging out with the troubled actor ever since his former live-in girlfriends, Bree Olson and Natalie Kenly, moved out of his mansion.

Brooke, 33, has told friends, that she and her former husband are considering a permanent reconciliation.

But Brooke wants to take things slow after their former toxic relationship.

Mueller recently pissed off her pal Paris Hilton after being a no-show to a blind date the socialite has set up.

Paris confronted Brooke on her reality show ‘The World According to Paris’ and Brooke said, “Sometimes I really miss Charlie. I’ve got confusing emotions. I haven’t seen him for a year.”


Paris came on strong, referring to Charlie Sheen as “the devil”. Paris told Brooke, “When you get that stuff inside you, it’s like the devil.”

The socialite told her mother Kathy she believes Brooke wants to get back with Sheen. Paris stated, “I understand if she wants to get back together with her ex-husband. But she shouldn’t be begging me to set her up on dates.”

The argument ended with a bang as Brooke left Paris’ Los Angeles home yelling “f**k you” at her pal.