Hugh Hefner Gives Details On Crystal Harris Split (VIDEOS)


Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan’s show on Thursday, stating that he feels Crystal had another boyfriend. Hefner also said he believes Harris was more interested in fame than a marriage to him. Check out Hugh Hefner’s interesting interviews.

Hugh Hefner says he really has no idea why Crystal Harris canceled their wedding just five days before their planned ceremony, but reveals he doesn’t believe Crystal ever truly loved him.

In his first television interview since his split, the Playboy mogul said he was a bit heartbroken over being dumped.

Harris, 25, left Hefner, 85, just five days before their wedding. At that time, Crystal said she didn’t want to be part of Hugh’s “lifestyle”. A lifestyle she had been in for quite some time but suddenly had a problem with…strange!

“Most of what she has said publicly is not true,” Hefner said of Crystal. “She loved the lifestyle. She loved the girls.”

Piers asked Hef what went wrong, to which he replied, “That is the number one question and I don’t have an answer for you.”

“I really don’t know what happened but I think over time the rest of the story will come out,” Hugh stated.

Here’s Hugh on Piers Morgan talking about reason Crystal Harris left him:

But Hugh believes Crystal had another boyfriend on the side, stating, “There is more that we don’t know and at least one other guy in the picture … [and] her career [as a singer] was clearly more important to her than she let on.”

Hefner claims he had a feeling things didn’t feel right when he took a trip to London with Harris weeks before their planned ceremony.

“Things did not seem to be quite they way they should be,” Hefner said. “Something was not right but I did not see it coming. I truly did not see it coming.”

Hefner talked about his decision to marry Crystal, because he had regrets on not committing to his former main girlfriend, Holly Madison.

“I made the commitment, quite frankly, because I felt that in a previous relationship with Holly I had not been there for her,” he said. “But marriage is not the important part — the relationship is the important part.”

Hefner said his relationship with Harris “had run its course and she didn’t really love me.”

“She had indicated she wanted to get married, she was the one who said sooner rather than later,” he added. “She seemed like the real deal.”

Piers asked him if he felt tricked by Harris, with Hef replying, “Obviously. Sure. Of course.”

“She took you for a ride,” Morgan stated,

Hefner said that Crystal walked away from their romance with a new Bentley car, her $ 60,000 engagement ring, and money.

“Not as much as she would have had she married me,” Hugh jokingly stated.

Hugh also introduced his two new girlfriends: Playboy Playmates Anna Sophia Berglund, 25, and 27-year-old Shera Bechard.

Hugh introduces his girlfriends Shera and Anna: