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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's reality show still on


Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez's reality show, Q'Viva! The Chosen, is still a go, despite their announcement of the end of their seven-year marriage.

According to Access Hollywood, the show, produced by Simon Fuller's XIX Entertainment, will still continue as planned.

A spokesman said that the couple is "committed" to the show and added, “The show goes on!”

Q'Viva! chronicles Anthony and Lopez's search for new talent across 21 Latin American countries. The newly split pair will begin shooting the series later this year.

According to Business Insider, the divorce may actually be beneficial for the show.

They believe viewers will tune in to watch the exes interact and work together.

It is also probable that Lopez will experience a career boost due to publicity of her personal issues, including higher album sales, more movie roles, and even a possible memoir, which is not uncommon after a highly publicized divorce.

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