People's Top Ten Celeb Quotes of the Week!

"My name is Gerard Butler, and this is how I look before I've applied L'Oréal's skincare for men."

– Hugh Laurie, the new face of L'Oréal Paris Men, in a behind-the-scenes clip from his ad campaign

"You need to do it for your country."

– Justin Timberlake, convincing his Friends with Benefits costar Mila Kunis to accept Sgt. Scott Moore's YouTube invitation to his Marine Corps Ball – for which Sgt. Moore called Timberlake "a great wingman"

"Bad boys do get the girls."

– Harry Potter's onscreen foe Tom Felton, whose costar Emma Watson admitted to having had "a huge crush" on him, to New York magazine

"He's kinda like Dr. Evil."

– Elijah Wood, comparing currently under fire media mogul Rupert Murdoch to the Austin Powers villain, on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

"Denis didn't cry, but he was very quiet, which is a big deal for Denis Leary."

– Rescue Me's Callie Thorne, on her costar's reaction to filming his last scene for the show's final season, to PEOPLE

"She's not going to put us in something ugly to make herself look better – trust me."

– Kim Kardashian's maid-of-honor, sister Khloé, uttering what could be famous last words about the attire for Kim's bridal party, to PEOPLE

"The coach just said, 'You know, Tom could be an opera singer.'"

– Malin Akerman, sharing the glowing review her Rock of Ages costar Tom Cruise received from their onset vocal coach, to New York magazine

"Wait a minute, Jeff Bridges said I was cool? That's a big deal…The Dude abided."

– Iron Man director Jon Favreau, on getting the stamp of approval from The Big Lebowski star

"Oh my god, let me tell you about that: Having to be the responsible one on tour every night…"

– Kid Rock, joking about his concert tour mate Sheryl Crow, on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

"I didn't meet them. I was shoved out of the way by Jennifer Lopez. Uh oh, I shouldn't have said that."

– Mary Louise Parker, on missing her chance to meet the duke and duchess of Cambridge at the BAFTA gala during their stopover in L.A., to PEOPLE

Which celeb had THE BEST quote this week?

Hugh Laurie
Justin Timberlake
Tom Felton
Elijah Wood
Callie Thorne
no1kurr Khloe
Malin Akerman
Jon Favreau
Kid Rock has a sex tape with Scott Stapp
Mary Louise Parker would go here, but JLo butted her out of the way