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Nine Inch Nails: Trent Reznor Slams Former Drummer

Nine Inch Nails mainman Trent Reznor has offered a scathing rebuttal to former Nails drummer Jerome Dillon's remarks made during Jerome's recent press junket for the debut album of his new band NearLy.

In a brand-new interview with MTV.com, Dillon said that he was still dealing with is what he described as his unexpected expulsion from NIN. While Dillon said Reznor was very supportive of the NearLy project -- at one point asking if he could help produce it or use some of the tracks as part of defunct goth-rock side project Tapeworm -- Dillon maintains that Reznor was nowhere to be found after he became ill during NIN's tour last year.

"It was absolutely the most stressful thing I've been through in my life," Dillon told MTV.com. "During the third leg of the tour, I noticed that I was not feeling good. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a thyroid malady and I was taking medication for it. I didn't know that [the medication wasn't working] and was building up in my system on the road." The buildup caused a cardiac disorder that, while not life threatening, frightened Dillon enough to go to the hospital after a show in San Diego.

But, despite receiving a clean bill of health from the doctors there, a few NIN shows had already been canceled. After two days of tests that finally helped diagnose the problem, Dillon said he called NIN management to tell them he was ready to resume playing and was met with "complete apathy and no sympathy for what I'd been through," he told MTV.com. "I was not welcomed back with open arms, which I didn't understand, since I had been in the band for six years." Dillon said Reznor didn't call or contact him to see if he was OK and has not done so since.

In a posting on Nine Inch Nails' official web site, Trent Reznor had the following to say regarding Dillon's comments:

"A few thoughts / corrections on Jerome Dillon's latest press attempt to create interest in his project:

"First, the facts:

  • I was impressed with his demos that ended up being his record.

  • I thought the choice of using Claudia was fantastic — I love her voice.

  • I did not offer to produce his record.

  • I did not attempt or ask to use any of his tracks for the Tapeworm project (which was long dead by the time I heard his music).

His recollection of the events leading to his departure from the band is once again inaccurate.

"Now I venture into commentary: Jerome continuously has to see himself as the victim in all circumstances. He lives in a world where he is always being wronged by someone or something. That could be me, that could be management, that could be his drum tech, that could be the girl who mistakenly washed his permanent press designer jeans, that could be the person that didn't cook his chicken properly before the show, or that could be the record label that wont give him tour support for his new band to play a show.

"On that topic, what in the hell do you need tour support for? You're a new band with no record sales yet... do what any new band does — practice in the garage, pack your shit in the car, play a goddamned show and quit whining about it."

Reznor concluded his missive with the following: "P.S.: You look like an asshole in your picture."

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