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Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation) - Lead Actress in a Comedy

"I am so pumped about the [show's Outstanding Comedy nod]. I talked to [fellow EP] Mike Schur last night and asked him if he was going to watch [the announcement] live and he said, 'No, it makes me too nervous.' And I said, 'F--- that, it's The Secret! Turn around and look at it in the eye — it's going to happen!' I'm so excited. I've had, like, four sugar donuts and I'm eating Greek yogurt with honey and I'm about to blast out of here."

For 'Parks and Recreation's' Amy Poehler, it's about validation ... and 'Carmageddon'

Amy Poehler, who plays Leslie Knope on "Parks and Recreation," got a twofer this morning when she learned that she and the show had received Emmy nominations.

That's gotta feel good?

To be included in this group of women is an honor and awesome. The fact that the show got nominated is so exciting. I’m so happy that the whole cast is going to be there, and we’ll all get to celebrate together.

How did you hear the news?

I’m on vacation in Nantucket with my family. So we watched the nominations like a sporting event and it got loud and rowdy. It was because my husband was also nominated. (Will Arnett for outstanding guest actor in a comedy for "30 Rock.")

What does this mean for the show?

We’ve had an interesting road, so I guess this is a sort of validation. Nomination and validation are similar words. So is determination and United Nations.

Do you have big celebration plans?

I plan to celebrate this weekend by getting in my car and taking in all the sights on the Westside. I want to drive leisurely to Brentwood, amble to Long Beach and then to Pacific Palisades.

Amy Poehler, Kristin Chenoweth React to Emmy Nominations

Mad Men may lead the Emmy nominations race, but when it comes to celebrating the nods, Amy Poehler says her Parks and Recreation cast has everyone beat.

"I would gather that we could give most shows a run for their money as far as straight-up partying goes," Poehler, 39, told PEOPLE Thursday morning after hearing her comedy picked up four nominations. "We have some strong men who can flip some tables if need be."

Adds the actress: "We've also got some youngsters who can go all night long. And we have some seasoned vets who know how to make it count."

In addition to her own nomination for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Poehler's also cheering for her husband, Will Arnett, who's up for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for 30 Rock.

"It's really cool," she says. "It's a total celebration. We're both a big fan of each other's work. This is just added special awesome sauce, as Chris Pratt would say."

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