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These flawless 90's stars invite you in

The Boy Meets World gang is back for their final adventures as Lionsgate debuts Boy Meets World: The Complete Seventh Season on DVD.  In Season Seven, Corey (Ben Savage, TV's Chuck) and his friends adapt to college and even more so, life as adults. Cory and Topanga (Danielle Fishel, TV's The Dish) finally tie the knot and learn that living on their own isn't as easy as they thought. Shawn (Rider Strong, Cabin Fever) and Angela (Trina McGee, TV's Pastor Jones) reunite as a couple. Eric (Will Friedle, TV's Less Than Perfect) takes on a job in the real world, and the Matthews welcome a new addition to the family. Just when they think they've got it all figured out, unexpected surprises and newfound opportunities catch them off guard. For the first time on DVD, all 23 of the final episodes of the series come together for fans to say goodbye.
The quintessential comedy series about growing up middle class in suburban Philadelphia follows Corey Matthews (Savage) who is just trying to figure out the world around him - from junior high, to high school and beyond.  The lovable Corey is joined by his best friend Shawn (Strong), and the odd but fascinating Topanga (Fishel).  Corey and his friends navigate the ins and outs of bullies, class schedules, growing friendships and true love.  Corey also recruits the help of his brother, Eric (Friedle), while his teacher (Daniels) tries to stay one step ahead of him, always sharing a life lesson.


Twitterview: Ben Savage

Ben Savage was the boy next door on the hit '90s sitcom "Boy Meets World," but now he's all grown up-- and may even be on his way to becoming a senator. Wonderwall tweeted with the 30-year-old actor about his time on the hit show, his political aspirations and, oh yes, Topanga! So click through to read more and make sure you're

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@WonderwallMSN: Hey @BenSavage Are you ready for your #Twitterview?

@BenSavage: Locked & loaded...

@WonderwallMSN: Your Twitter profile says you're a Zac Efron fan. Whats up with that?

@BenSavage: Ha. I did write that, didn't I? Zac is a friend. I ran into him the week I joined Twitter, so it's kind of an inside joke.

What was your greatest "Boy Meets World" moment?

@BenSavage: I literally grew up on that show. It's difficult to pinpoint just one great moment from your childhood. There were so many.

@WonderwallMSN: @txhearts asks "What is your favorite 'Boy Meets World' episode?"

@BenSavage: @txhearts I would say the last episode holds a special place in my heart. The show ended & so did a major chapter in my life.


How did you avoid getting into trouble like so many other child stars?

@BenSavage: To be honest, I am no better or worse than anybody else. I was just lucky to be surrounded by people who kept me grounded.

Does being "Cory Matthews" help or hurt when trying to date now?

@BenSavage: I'll say this, it certainly doesn't hurt. But then again, I'm single at the moment... So who knows??

Do you still talk to @DanielleFishel (Topanga) or other cast members?

@BenSavage: @DanielleFishel Yes, of course. We don't just talk, we tweet! She'll always be my first "wife."

@tayrod02 asks "Would you do a 'Boy Meets World' Reunion?"

@BenSavage: @tayrod02 I get asked that a lot so I know it's something the fans want. It would be fun to see how Cory is doing these days.

Your brother Fred directed an episode of "Boy Meets World." What was it like taking direction from him?

@BenSavage: @thefredsavage Fred is a wonderful director and I admire his work. We work well together because we share a mutual respect.

After the show you went to Stanford and interned for Sen. Arlen Specter. Will we see Senator Savage some day?

@BenSavage: The Anthony Weiner scandal forced me to nix my political aspirations. Joke! Though Senator Savage does have a nice ring to it.

You are always out and about in Hollywood. What are some of your favorite spots to hang out at?

@BenSavage: I love spending time with friends, so it can be anywhere. Right now I like Trousdale, The Beverly, Q's, Barney's Beanery...

What's up next for you?

@BenSavage: I have 2 movies coming out this year. "Peace & Riot" and "Lake Effects." Also circling some TV projects, so stay tuned.

Last question, can you tweet a photo of yourself right now?

@BenSavage: Thanks! This was fun...





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.......Boy Meets World Party? btw I am losing my shit because Ben is buddies with Zacquisha *swoonz*