The best Top Model franchise in the world releases its Top 100

Australia's Next Top Model is changing its format this year by including episodes showing the entire casting process, and FOX8 has released the girls who have made it to the Top 100.  The girls will ultimately be cut down to form a final cast of 20 model hopefuls.  New episodes premiere August 8
Promo for Season 7:

Although Australia's Next Top Model is better than the American version, let's not forget that this franchise would not exist without the innovative idea thought up by the beautiful, stunning, smizing Tyra Banks. Tyra was brave enough and smart enough (no wonder she went to Harvard) to launch this show in America, and it now reaches 122 countries.  Tyra's idea has also inspired over 30 countries to start their own version of Top Model. Girls in every corner of the globe are fulfilling their modeling dreams all because of Tyra Banks. Tyra changed the fashion industry first as an extremely successful model (even though she was constantly discriminated against because of the color of her skin) and now she's changing it with her Top Model franchise.

So who are your favorites, ONTD?