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Incubus Live on Letterman + New Album Out Now!

On Monday Incubus gave a free hour long performance for fans and contest winners at the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC as part of the Live on Letterman concert series!

I work right down the street and missed out and getting tickets but I figured it wouldn't hurt to swing by after work and see if I could catch a glimpse of the band going in the theater. Lucky for me Incubus has some seriously amazing fans, one of which gave me her extra ticket!! The performance was INCREDIBLE and the theater is so cozy it was amazing to see them in such an intimate setting after years of seeing them in amphitheaters and arenas. And after the show we were graced with the presence of sir Brandon Boyd himself <3 The rest of the band waved hello as they left but Brandon actually came out and talked with the fans and shook hands before taking off!

Oh and I was not expecting to get into this so I didn't even have a camera with me! These pictures were all taken on my Blackberry, haha, so I apologize in advance for the poor quality!

Blurry yet still hot as hell, tbh.

The band was also set to play a special rooftop concert for fans on Friday here in NYC in conjunction with Vevo but unfortunately they were rained out. Though they made it up to fans by hanging with them on the rooftop for an hour or so and by giving yet another free concert that Sunday at the SoHo Apple store!

Also, the band's latest album "If Not Now, When?" came out yesterday!!! You should all head to iTunes, Amazon or your nearest CD store and check it out ASAP! "In The Company of Wolves" is already one of my favorites, especially after hearing it live at the Late Show performance :)

Source: and me!

Oh and I totally tried to keep an eye out for P-funk. I don't think he was there but there were a surprising amount of look-a-likes...
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