Torchwood: Lost Files JANTO INSANITY!!

Today BBC Radio 4 aired the final episode of the "Torchwood: Lost Files" radio play. The 3 episodes were all pretty much Fanfiction turned to reality in the best possible way. Mind blowing awesome moments with Jack and Ianto throughout. It was unreal. I will avoid spoilers but shit happened and the entire fan community is looking for a group hug. The most devastating and phenomenal thing I have ever heard. Go listen to them NOW here's the link to the BBC4 Website that has them up for a week and it's region free listening.

They are also available to download as podcasts from that page if you live in the UK. Outside the UK they will eventually be released I'm sure but they leaked online almost immediately. You can find them. Enjoy, if that's the right sentiment. Fucking amazing. Life changing.

Source: Me (BarrowmanDay) and BBCRadio4