Harry Potter premieres in Helsinki & Paris

James and Oliver Phelps were in Helsinki yesterday for the Finnish premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow part 2.

For those who can't tell them apart, in the picture above James (Fred) is on the left and Oliver (George) is on the right. Below, James is in purple and Oliver is in grey.

The Paris premiere was earlier today, and in attendance where Domhnall Gleeson, Jason Isaacs, Evanna Lynch, James Phelps, Oliver Phelps, Clémense Poésy, Natalia Tena and Mark Williams.

Natalia Tena, Oliver Phelps, Mark Williams, James Phelps, Jason Isaacs, Evanna Lynch, Clémense Poésy & Domhnall Gleeson.

Clémence Poésy

Clémence Poésy & Domhnall Gleeson

Domhnall Gleeson

Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch & Clémence Poésy

Jason Isaacs

James Phelps

Mark Williams

Natalia Tena

Natalia Tena, Oliver Phelps, Mark Williams

Also, the twins have a profile on Sprkle and Sprkle will release new videos from the London premiere when they reach enough Twitter followers. So if you're on Twitter, please follow @watchsprkle. :)

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