Will Dina Lohan be on ‘Dancing (and drinking) With the Stars’?

So apparently, Dancing with the Stars couldn’t get Lindsay Lohan onto their next season despite the fact that she’s so hard-up for work that she’ll do commercials for penny auctions while under house arrest. But no matter! When God closes a door, he opens a window so that a drunken Lohan can puke out of it, so now they’re trying to court Dina Lohan into appearing on the show. Dina Lohan says she’s in talks to appear on Dancing With the Stars.

On Sunday, Lindsay Lohan’s mom was overheard talking about her plans to appear on the ABC show as she celebrated her daughter’s birthday at a private house in Water Mill dubbed the Ciroc Cabana Club. Lindsay had been expected to join, but she stayed in LA to remain low-key after completing her house arrest.

src: popbytes.com