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‘Pumkin’ excused from classroom for reality show success

More bad News out of Bakersfield :( First Buck now this *sigh*

BAKERSFIELD - The 26-year-old Bakersfield woman who starred on the VH-1 reality series, 'Flavor of Love' has been fired from her substitute teaching job.
Brooke Thompson, went by the name 'Pumkin' while on the dating show which was designed to find a girlfriend for 'Flava-Flave' of the rap group 'public enemy'.

Officials with the Kern High School District say Thompson was informed on Monday her services as a sub were no longer needed.

She had been working at several campuses within the district.

District officials said their decision had nothing to do with her performance on the show, but she was too much of a distraction for the students.

Unlike regular teachers, substitutes can be let go because they don't have contracts.

“We had kids that were sticking their heads in the door just to sneak a look at her and that kind of craziness that was just disruptive to the learning process,” according to John Tevis with Kern High School District.

Meantime, Thompson's website says she graduated from Shafter High in 1998 and has a degree in Business Administration from Cal State Bakersfield.


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