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He's Baa-aack

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMarch 25, 2006 -- Lock up your children - Michael Jackson has landed in New York City.

The boy-crazy pop superstar is at an unknown location in town to give a deposition in the $48 million lawsuit filed against him by Prescient Partners, a k a Darien Dash, cousin of hip-hop mogul Damon Dash.'s Roger Friedman reports that the scandal-scarred singer or someone representing him - possibly his brother Randy - signed an agreement that if Prescient could find him financing to buy out his Bank of America loans, Jackson would pay them a 9 percent fee.

Prescient claims it found more than $500 million in financing from Fortress Investments. Now Dash wants his money. It's one of several pressing financial problems that have brought Jackson back to the United States from Bahrain, the Middle Eastern nation to which he moved after his acquittal on child-molestation charges.

Fortress could foreclose on him at any time on more than $270 million in loans. Sony Music, Jackson's partner in Sony/ATV Music Publishing, is trying to buy the loans from Fortress with help from Citigroup, which is asking for a small piece of Jackson's holdings. Sources say Fortress won't give up and wants a 20 percent piece of Jackson's pie.

Friedman also reports that Jackson still owes money in fines to the California Department of Labor relating to the closure of his Neverland ranch, the fantasy play land where he romped with his kiddie cohorts over the years.

Speaking of Neverland, Jackson's sister La Toya claims he's happy that his ranch has been closed. "When he left he said, 'It's finished, never again,' " she tells Access Hollywood. "He felt that his privacy was invaded, 'so it's time to leave,' and that's what he did."

La Toya added that the embattled Jacko was "doing wonderful. He is doing really well, and he is happy with where he is, and I'm happy for him for being so happy and content with his life at the moment."

And it looks like Jackson has hatched a plan to make some quick cash. Sirius Satellite Radio jock DJ Whoo Kid, who was in Bahrain recently as a guest of Prince Abdulla Hamad Alkhalifa, reports that Jackson just signed a deal with the prince's 2 Seas record label for a new album and is negotiating to sell his masters.

Jackson spokeswoman Raymone Bain did not return calls.

*edit* just found this little gem to add to the mess: Michael Jackson to E.T.: “Call me!”

The Daily News‘ Lloyd Grove reports:

“Michael indicated to me that he is open to making contact with otherworldly beings,” Luckman said, adding that his never-before-revealed conversation with Jackson lasted for 15 minutes during a well-publicized visit (before Jacko’s child-molestation trial) to the famed magic store Abracadabra on 21st St. in Chelsea.

Store owner Paul Blum confirmed Luckman’s close encounter, in late 2003. But Jackson’s spokeswoman, Raymone Bain, told me: “I wouldn’t doubt that he was in the store,” but insisted that if her client talked to Luckman, “He was only being polite.” Luckman’s account? “That is pure bull,” Bain said.

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