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Alyssa E. H.

Pete Doherty reportedly shocked a journalist by offering him heroin during an interview. The Babyshambles frontman, who dated supermodel Kate Moss, and is renowned for his heavy drug use, reportedly offered the shocked scribe the class A substance before beginning to chat.

Rolling Stone contributor Mark Binelli wrote, "Doherty kicked off the Q&A by snorting some heroin. "Over the next three hours, Doherty will also smoke crack, shoot heroin and take an 'ecstasy' pill.

He offers me heroin and ecstasy but not crack. I decline. "The more drugs Doherty does, the more he seems to relax. He never becomes incoherent, though occasionally he seems confused." Meanwhile, the troubled rocker has blamed his celebrity status for his drug addiction.

Pete who was sentenced to a 12-month community order and a drug rehabilitation programme last month after a drug possession conviction maintains he will stay clean with an anti-heroin implant.

"If I was not famous then I would not have the extremes, the corruptness and fortune that led me there in the first place," Doherty said.

"I'm not going to make light of the fact that I've been given a great chance, and take crack and heroin. But I want to start a drugs-free life. I wasn't much of a junkie anyway," he added.

Source: about 30,000 different news websites.

oh and the article is here, if anyone cares to read it.

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