Surfhus (surfhus) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

TrannyTiffany "New York" latest bulletin:

Number 1 searched, yours truly =)

Thanks to all my supporters, stalkers & haters for making me the ..1 most searched on the show with over 427% rating and top 10 most searched on Yahoo.


The Flavor of Buzz
Monday March 20, 2006 11:00AM PT

Flavor Flav and friends
We spend a lot of time tracking the sexy and the glamorous on the Buzz, so let's change things up a little and talk about Flavor Flav. We've been Flavor fans since his clockin' and shockin' days, when he loudly declared that it would take a nation of millions to hold him back. Now almost 20 years later, a nation of millions has catapulted Flav and his reality show, Flavor of Love, into the Buzz.

The show, which follows 20 lovely ladies competing for Flavor Flav's favors, began to feel the love in Search last week as the finale drew near. Flavor of Love rose 100% to rank in our top 500 searches. Weekly searches on the man himself heated up 156%, pushing the superstar into our top 1,500 searches. Queries for the ladies in the final lineup boiled as well, most notably on the winner, Hoopz (209%), and her rival, New York (+437%).

If there's any true love in this story, it has to be between Flavor Flav and VH1. His landmark appearance on The Surreal Life 3, followed up with Strange Love (which also featured his bizarre former lover Brigitte Nielsen) have all proved that Flavor Flav can seduce the viewers. Love may be blind, but we're likely to see Flav on TV for a long time.

Bitch plz, people searched your name to see "THE SPIT" you aren't that *~*~*~*Important*~*~*~* anymore, well you weren't in the first place but.....

she also posted that Pumkin got fired but that was already posted here

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