Olivia Wilde makes ONTD mad by going to the gym

Olivia Wilde keeps doing what ONTD hates the most: going to the gym on July 5, 2011 in Studio City, CA. She even called the paps, and didnt have decency to put some make-up on ( and she thinks she's smart). We all know that she hooks up with everyone because all she does is walking to the gym.

she was having a date night with Justin Timberlake.

here she flirted with Bradley Cooper, too bad gurl, this guy is gay.

you can spot Ryan Gosling here.

although she's kind of pregnant with Daniel Craig because they're in the same movie

she's having a threesome with me and karma_s_bitch in this photo

while fabouluz was watching

this post is so interesting, I almost cried when I made it