Alyssa Campanella’s first photoshoot as Miss USA

Alyssa Campanella is seen on the set of her first official photoshoot as Miss USA in New York last week (June 28). Wow, she is so pretty. What a great pick for the new Miss USA!

Before the shoot, Alyssa tweeted: “Photo shoot time! Back to work! Sort of… Shooting official photos as Miss USA today with Fadil Berisha #istilllovemyjob”

‘s not just a pretty face – she’s also a huge history buff; she told E!’s Giuliana Rancic:
“Whenever I go to Barnes & Noble, I’m always in the history section and that is where you will find me. I watch Game of Thrones, I watched Camelot - I know those are fantasy, but I also watch The Tudors, so I’m a huge history geek!”

+12 pics@Caught on Set

+12 pics@Caught on Set