James McAvoy has teeth work done

X-MEN star James McAvoy has bowed to Hollywood pressure and got the gap in his teeth fixed.
The actor always claimed he would never have his gnashers sorted but has now had them whitened and straightened.
He admitted: "I hadn't wanted to do changes but in this business your teeth have to be sorted out.
"It doesn't matter if you're playing a guy who's been living on a desert island eating coconuts for 20 years, your teeth need to be perfect."

Just three years ago, the Scot had claimed he would never been tempted to change the ways he looked to get better parts.

He said then: "Am I going to get my teeth fixed? Am I ****. Only when they all fall out!"
It looks like the star, who lives with wife Ann-Marie Duff and their one-year-old son Brendan in London, has had veneers to sort out his gappy smile.
A friend said: "He's not turned into Simon Cowell, it's not the full Hollywood smile. It's very subtle."
The 32-year-old, who also starred in The Last King of Scotland and Atonement, says he is more aware of his looks because of his job.
And he believes his success has come down to the fact he is an everyman actor with mediocre looks. He said: "I'm not devastatingly handsome, or devastatingly ugly. I can play either side of the line."


what do you think? i think his smile is perfect as it is