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Should Joaquin take on "Remorse"?

What Should He Do?

Joaquin Phoenix is fastly becomeing one of the most "in-demand" actors in Hollywood. He recieved his second academy award nomination earlier this year and won the Best Actor Golden Globe award for his portrayal of Johnny Cash in the film 'Walk The Line'.

Phoenix is currently working with Eva Mendes on the James Gray film 'We Own The Night'. But one of the big questions in Hollywood at the moment is whether or not Joaquin will take on the role of John Kelly (AKA Mr Clark) in the movie adaptation of the Tom Clancy novel 'Without Remorse'.

'Without Remorse' is one of the most successful spin-off book series in history and was highley acclaimed by critics. The character of John Kelly has previously been portrayed by Willem Dafoe and Liev Schreiber as minor characters in previous Tom Clancy films such as 'Patriot Games' and 'The Sum of All Fears'.

Until recently the impression in Hollywood was that Joaquin had already signed on to the project for a very hefty pay-cheque. But recent reports from waiting staff at a popular New York eatery have claimed that they witnessed one of the films producers "begging" Joaquin to come on board with the project, but Phoenix very firmly turned him down due to his un-willingness to become involved with a potential movie franchise.

The staff at the restaurant were under the impression that the project was not to go ahead unless Joaquin was involved, or else the academy award nominated director John Singleton was also out.

soooo, what do you think? should Joaquin risk taking this role which could reportedly shoot him to the top of the "Best Paid Actors list", but which could potentially type cast him as an action star (a la, Harrison Ford)....ooooor should he just ditch it and move on with his already expanding career?

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