Girl (10) wraps legs around Prince Harry's neck, some of y'all go lime green

OSLO / LONDON (VG) Mia Kristine Armstrong Solli from Asker, Norway couldn't see much at the Black Eyed Peas concert. Luckily a genuine prince came to the rescue.

63.000 people were gathered in London's Hyde Park Friday, to see American darlings the Black Eyed Peas. Among them was Norwegian Mia Kristine Armstrong Solli, who had gone along with her younger siblings, mother and uncle to see the pop faves.

The concert at the Wireless festival turned out special for the ten year old. In the audience was Prince Harry, watching the show with a group of friends.

- Prince Harry came over and asked if I wanted to sit on his shoulders, Mia Kristine tells VG.

Although the Norwegian family had good tickets and were standing close to the stage, the view wasn't optimal for a ten year old who is shorter than your average Brit.

That's when the British prince, wearing brown, festival appropriate shoes, came trotting over and saved the show.

- Then he lifted me up on his shoulders. When I'd gotten up he said: «If you fall down it's not my fault. Are we cool?», laughs Mia Kristine, who held on tight and danced whilst seated on the prince's shoulders for the duration of two songs.

And so the ten year old got a better view and could enjoy the show, whilst the prince made small talk with her mother. The Asker girl has no doubt what the highlight of her London vacation was, and will tell her girlfriends back home all about it.

- Now I'll tell everyone I met Prince Harry. I won't wash those trousers. He was really nice and sweet, says Mia Kristine.

Mia's uncle, Tom Armstrong, got a good impression of the prince.

- I'd never met him before, but he seemed like a good guy with both feet on the ground, Armstrong tells VG.


Awkward article is 50% poor journalism, 50% my rushed attempt at translating. tyfyt.