Tina Turner shot Randy Jackson!

Janet's older brother Randy Jackson dropped a BOMBSHELL allegation. According to Randy, he walked into his girlfriend's home and caught her and TINA doing something.

And Tina got UPSET that Randy popped in . . . so she pulled out a gun . . . and SHOT HIM!!!

[This story is the "real" from the 1998 book The Real T: My 22 years with Tina Turner written by an assistant called Eddy Hampton Armani though some of the books accuracy has been called into question.It happened around 1983 and Randy was dating a certain Bernadette Swann]

I listened to Tina as she continued delivering the motherly lecture to Bernadette, nodding my head in agreement. 'Bernadette, let me tell you something, you've got yourself an Ike Turner, You better get rid of him. I know you're scared Aaagh.' Tina was furious, and she threw her hands up in disgust. ''I know what it's like, Bernadette, It's best for you if you stay here tonight. Just make sure you get rid of that Randy Jackson first thing tomorrow.''

But no sooner had Tina spoken, than the noisy shuffling of footsteps could be heard outside. I paused and watched her from across the bedroom. The worry on her face was unmistakable. Bernadette had already scared the daylights out of us with horrifying stories of Randy's violence. Lejeune and Tina remained still and silent as the intrusive sounds outside continued. There was a momentary eeriness, and then, without warning, one of Tina's huge, treasured terracotta pots burst through the glass doors, exploding on impact.

Shards of razor-sharp glass sprayed like darts throughout the bedroom. There was soil and terra cotta everywhere. Everything else that followed seemed to happen so quickly.
Randy Jackson leapt through the broken window and paused for a moment breathing and sweating heavily. Then, as he moved, glass fragments on Tina's plush cream carpet could be heard crunching beneath his hard determined steps. He seemed possessed, and his wild eyes rapidly scanned the bedroom. It only took a split second to focus on what he had come for. Like an animal stalking prey, he walked towards Bernadette muttering like a crazy man about how much he loved and needed her.

In all the years I had spent with Tina, she had drilled me over and over on certain safety procedures should an intruder gain entry into her home. We always thought if it happened, it would be her ex-husband Ike. On this particular day, we were wrong. Worse still, everyone froze in shock, forgetting Tina's meticulous safety drill.

The only one to spring to action was Tina herself.

She calmly and purposefully walked into the bedroom, where her eyes immediately darted to the framed pictures on her bedside table where she hid her loaded handgun. Without looking away from the table, her hand whipped out with shocking speed and grabbed a second gun-a shotgun- from behind the freestanding oval antique mirror just next to her.
She cocked the weapon, then turned and aimed the loaded barrel at Randy Jackson's head. Her body stiff and her aim steady, she said with true determination 'Freeze or I'll blow your brains out.'

Randy did stop, but only for a split second. Locking eyes with Tina, he ignored her warning, and lunged for Bernadette.

Tina, still several feet away from Randy, raised the gun a blew a hole in the ceiling. Randy, his face a mask of brutality, charged straight at Tina like a raging bull.

Still in total control, Tina moved the barrel slightly to the side and fired towards the doorway. She pointed the gun at Randy.

Randy, suddenly terrified, leapt through the broken windows, fleeing for his life.