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Whats going on with AD?

Still More On The Fate Of 'Arrested Development': Bateman Speaks

What's the best way for fans of beloved, perpetually limbo-occupying series Arrested Development to get news about the show's fate? Bump into star Jason Bateman on the street in Toronto and just ask him what the hell is going on with the rumored Showtime-sponsored resurrection.Television Without Pity eminence Glark relates his encounter with Bateman on the site's AD message board:

"Here are the things I remember (and he gave full blessing to post the info as he loves the site and you guys but he's too shy and too cute to post on the boards):
- Mitch loves you guys and it was nice to see people getting the show and enjoying the show especially at times when network directives were "make the show 30% dumber"

- Showtime has picked up the show for 2 years at 12 episodes a year (maybe it was 13) with a third year option

- The ball is in Mitch's court and Jason said Mitch will be making that decision within the next 24-48 hours though I don't know if that means we'll know about it at that time or not"

This report was posted yesterday, so despondent, anxious AD faithful may have only one more day to savor the exquisite torture of uncertainty that defines their fandom, then finally decide whether it's time to torch their replica frozen banana stands and make a clean break with their turbulent past.


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