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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

JGL recently updated his website, HITRECORD.ORG, with two new videos.

One is a conversation he's having with papparazzi thats hilarious.
He gets inside of a papparazzi's mind, sort of.
He calls it "Pictures of Assholes"
It doesn’t normally happen that paparazzi photographers pay me any
attention when I’m not working.  In fact, it only ever happened once
(thank god) that I can think of.  Luckily I had my video camera on me
when it did.  A friend and I were just walking down the street in
Manhattan when we passed these two photographers who were sitting
outside the entrance of some hotel, presumably waiting to photograph
somebody who was staying there.  I didn’t think much of them until, a
block or so later, they came running up and started to take my
picture.  I tried to be nice and politely ask them not to.  They were
neither nice nor polite.  And that’s when I remembered I had my camera
in my bag.  So that’s where the movie starts.  The only other thing
I’ll say is (and I had trouble deciding whether or not to be so blunt
with my opinion, but here goes) I do believe that the myth of
“Celebrity” is not just innocently shallow entertainment, but a
powerful and fundamental part of a larger movement revolving around
greed, apathy and hierarchy that is currently dragging us down, down,
down, lower and scarier, and perhaps weaker than we’ve ever, ever
been.  Smile!

I'm guessing that I am going against everything he says by putting this up here..

The other is a short film he shot after making Brick.
It's called "Escargots" from the poem “Chanson des escargots qui vont à l’enterrement,” by Jacques Prévert

By the time we finished shooting Brick, Rian
and I had been seeing each other every day, all day, for months, and so
we agreed that we should part ways for a while, not due to any ill will
whatsoever, but simply for the sake of ebb and flow and such.  We
decided that, when next we met, it would be in Paris, I would have some
French words in my pocket, he would have a super-8 camera in his, and something good would come of it. 

We shook hands on the matter.

I picked a poem out of a book that belonged to my mom called Paroles (which means ‘lyrics’ or something), a collection from 1946 by Jacques Prévert
The poem is called “Chanson des escargots qui vont à l’enterrement,”
which translates into something like ‘Song of the Snails on their way
to a Burial.’  Rian kept his word about the camera, and we spent a day
in Paris talking about the poem, riding the metro, and shooting stuff. 
Back in Los Angeles, I enlisted the help of my old friend Jeff to create an audio recording of the poem and accompanying music.  Months later, Noah and I borrowed Rian’s camera for a day to shoot the rest.  I put everything into Final Cut Pro,
cut, pasted and keynoted some animations, threw in some stuff I taped
off TV, et voilà.  The whole thing was finished almost exactly a year
after that last night in San Clemente.

and just for the hell of it, some pictures from his upcoming movie, Brick

Brick come out on March 31, in NY and LA.
synopsis via imdb:
Brick, the dynamic debut feature from writer/director Rian Johnson, won
the Sundance Film Festival's Special Jury Prize for Originality of
Vision. Brick, while taking its cues and its verbal style from the
novels of Dashiell Hammett, also honors the rich cinematic tradition of
the hard-boiled noir mystery, here wittily and bracingly immersed in
fresh territory - a modern-day Southern California neighborhood and
high school. There, student Brendan Frye's (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
piercing intelligence spares no one. Brendan is not afraid to back up
his words with actions, and knows all the angles; yet he prefers to
stay an outsider, and does - until the day that his ex-girlfriend,
Emily (Emilie de Ravin of Lost), reaches out to him unexpectedly and
then vanishes. Brendan's feelings for her still run deep; so much so,
that he becomes consumed with finding his troubled inamorata. To find
her, Brendan enlists the aid of his only true peer, The Brain (Matt
O'Leary), while keeping the assistant vice principal (Richard
Roundtree) only occasionally informed of what quickly becomes a
dangerous investigation. Brendan's single-minded unearthing of
students' secrets thrusts him headlong into the colliding social orbits
of rich-girl sophisticate Laura (Nora Zehetner), intimidating Tugger
(Noah Fleiss), substance-abusing Dode (Noah Segan), seductive Kara
(Meagan Good), jock Brad (Brian White) and - most ominously -
non-student The Pin (Lukas Haas). It is only by gaining acceptance into
The Pin's closely guarded inner circle of crime and punishment that
Brendan will be able to uncover hard truths about himself, Emily and
the suspects that he is getting closer to.

source: Hitrecord.org, Pictures, and IMDB

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