Ke$ha performs live for Conan Concert Series

Ke$ha took to the stage yesterday to kick off Conan O'Brien's summer concert series with a 3-song set at the end of the show!

The pop star treated the crowd with her hits "Blow", "We R Who We R" and, for the first time ever in full lenght on TV broadcast, "Animal".

To view the videos without about a quarter of them being cut on the right side, and also photos and a Behind The Scenes video from the set, go to the Source.

At this point I should mention how much I appreciate it that Ke$ha finally got to perform "Animal" live and in full lenght on TV broadcast, it is one of her best songs without a doubt (if not her best for its lyrics alone, but that's just my opinion). Thank you, Conan. Thank you.

So if it's just tonight....
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