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america's next top model spoilers

I put them under the cut! Hope you enjoy...

On tonight's episode....

Tyra mail received..."Two Words: gromphadorhina portentosa"

Gina is going to cry, Kari's walk is going to be whack, and Danielle will fall on her ass...twice.

The girls will pose as fairytale characters...
Furonda = Rapunzel
Sara = Gretel
Kari = Goldilocks
Mollie Sue = Little Boy Blue

TONIGHT-- "The Girl Who Kissed the Roach"
J. Alexander preps the girls for their first trip down the runway for fashion designer Jared Gold. Gold's spring line includes a wild accessory; giant Madascar hissing cockroaches....can the girls handle it? The girls are transformed into fairly tale characters for this week's photo shoot.

MARCH 29TH-- "The Girl Who Kissed A Male Model"
Supermodel Janice Dickinson and Cycle 5 competitor Lisa D'Amato pay the girls a visit to coach them and give them some tips. The aspiring models participate in a fast paced photo shoot representing all four seasons and a second photo shoot that symbolizes their career goals. Later, one girl shares a kiss with a male model that stirs up some controversy.

APRIL 5TH-- "The Girl with Two Bad Takes."
The girls go to the world famous improv comedy workshop, The Groundlings, to polish their improvisational skills. These skills are put to the test when the girls shoot a mostly improvised Cover Girl cosmetics commercial. The winner of this challenge wins a guest-starring role on the hit show Veronica Mars. Nick Cannon stops by for a visit.  Later, some of the girls participate in a PSA for an AIDS awareness program.

Note:  An even bigger spoiler...The winner of this challenge is Ms. Diva, FURONDA!!!  She scored herself a guest spot on Veronica Mars.

Source: totesumbrellas, top model community

Click here to check out last week's photos.

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