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PAMELA ANDERSON is concerned her biological clock may prevent her from having any more children.

The former BAYWATCH star, 38, already has two kids - BRANDON, nine, and DYLAN, eight, by ex-husband TOMMY LEE - but may have to resort to drastic measures if she is to be a mother again by 40.

She says, "Maybe I have to find a good sperm donor. Sometimes I think I'd like to have another baby.

"I really love children, and once you have two, you might as well have ten.

"But if I do have more kids it'll have to be soon - before I'm 40."

In other news the model-turned actress PAMELA ANDERSON claims she is largely unaffected by her Hepatitis C blood disease because she eats healthily and gets plenty of sleep.

The vegetarian star and mother-of-two insists the disease, which she contracted from ex-husband TOMMY LEE in 2002, allegedly from sharing tattoo needles, is kept at bay by eating avocados.

She says, "You know, my liver gets better every year. I get the biopsy, and I go to UCLA where I have a great doctor: he's the head of department - he pretty much discovered the hepatitis C.

"He says, I'm getting healthier and healthier, and that I should keep doing what I'm doing.

"I'm not on any treatment, but I do eat a lot of avocados."


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