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Prince has a new album out! // Dancing onstage action

Prince will crush you under his high heeled sexxy mfer boots with this one. Oh my.

3121 is the name. Prince is so fucking cool he doesn't need to use words to name his new album!


1 3121 (4:31)
2 Lolita (4:06)
3 Te Amo Corazon (3:37)
4 Black Sweat (3:11)
5 Incense and Candles (4:05)
6 Love (5:46)
7 Satisfied (2:50)
8 Fury (4:02)
9 The Word (4:12)
10 Beautiful, Loved & Blessed (5:43)
11 The Dance (5:21)
12 Get On The Boat (6:19)

Buy the cd for a chance to win one of *7* Purple Tickets. Prince can go Willy Wonka on you if he wants to! 7 tickets available for a chance to go to a private concert at his HOUSE.

I got the cd via UPS today and I did not get a ticket. If you get a ticket, can I go with you?

The album is amazing. Shiver.


If you are a member of P's website you get some perks. For example the Chicago show at the Congress was a presale for members almost 20.00 cheaper! Also members got into shows before the rest of the world and we were right up against the stage. You are going to wait a long ass time for him to take the stage but it will be worth it.

This was officially his protege Ta'mars' show and he was the 'special guest'. His backup dancers were asking people to get up and the next thing I knew I was on my knees at the star of PURPLE RAINs feet.

People were putting their filthy mundane non talented hands on him, wtf? No home training! I just danced right next to him and openly Thanked God. At one point he said into the microphone, "Anyone here know about the Quake?" I yelled, "We Do!" (Thats the proper response) -- he smiled. I had to go dance next to his drummer for a few seconds till the heart poundies calmed down to a roar.

He is EXQUISITE up close. He is *really* beautiful. Good Goddess. We are exactly the same height.

Prince is a man of MYSTERY! He left the stage for no apparent reason, because maybe his stars were not aligned and he had an idea for a song, who are we to question him? I knelt down to grab the guitar pick he had been playing with, that was on the floor and what do you know??

He came back. I was again, kneeling before the guy who sang "Imagine me, at the tip of your tongue?" (thats from the new album, song called "Lolita")

It was awesome. I love it when musicians let people get up onstage.

He is incredible live, if you get a chance to see him when he tours this Spring/Summer, you will not regret it.

The guitar pick I grabbed and put in the chest area of my dress? It has his name on it and its scratched up.


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