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The Donald On Britney Spears' K-Fed: I've Never Been a Big Fan

Last week we wrote how Britney Spears is now providing her husband Kevin Federline with an allowance for essential items. K-Fed is given a set amount of funds each month for his own personal use to spend in nightclubs and on "any day-to-day activities." But we were wondering what brought on this sudden sense of responsibility from our favorite Pop-Tart.

Maybe she had a long talk with Donald Trump. Jeannette Walls of the Scoop dishes: 'Donald Trump, who just became a father for the fifth time, says that Britney Spears' rumored second child might be a career goof. And it doesn't sound like the Donald is a fan of Spears' hubby, Kevin Federline.

"What has happened to Britney?" Trump asked. "She's put her very successful career on hold to get married and have a baby. Lots of women do that but there's something that just doesn't look right here. The husband? I don't know. I've just never been a big fan. I hope he's OK. He certainly seems to be spending lots of her money."'

Spears acknowledges that she has made a great deal of money. However, she is now trying to show Kevin, nicknamed 'Spenderline,' that he needs to be responsible and curb his out-of-control spending habits.


BTW today is Kfed birthday ya'lls!!!


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