Surfhus (surfhus) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Star Jones and Al hospital edition

Star Jones has admitted to InTouch Weekly that she had a breast lift last week, but complications from the surgery put her in the hospital.

In Touch has learned that in addition to having a breast lift, the View host - who has lost 150 pounds over the past two-and-a half years - also had a tummy tuck to remove excess skin.

Her rep, Brad Zeifman, confirms that Star had the breast lift. "She is recovering wonderfully," he says.

In Touch is told Star is now recovering in a private clinic in LA. The View is in reruns all this week.


I can't believe Star actually admitted to this shit. I would expect her ass to lie and say she was having a tumor rumored so she could get some sympathy from her crazy fans. While she's in the hospital she should also due us all a favor and have her shit euthanized.

And apparently, Gay Al also landed in the hospital!

On the same weekend that Star was taken to the hospital, her husband, Al Reynolds, 37, needed stitches in a head wound after falling while working out in a New York gym. "He was taken to the emergency room where doctors administered several stitches," says Zeifman.

Yeah the stitches were probably to put his asshole together, because it tore apart during his 30-dude gay bang!



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