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‘Locke & Key’ Pilot Shelved as Josh Friedman Signs Deal With 20th Century Fox


The light is dimming quickly for Locke & Key to be picked up by Syfy or another cable network. The IDW supernatural horror comic-turned-failed-Fox-pilot was shopped to cable networks after Fox surprisingly passed on what’s been said to be a strong pilot. Unfortunately, the numbers were crunched and the fear was that a cable network could be able to take on the costs to produce the show because of its Pittsburgh location sets, intense post-production, and the extension of the options on the actors.

20th Century Fox Television and producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman decided to “shelf the project for good” according to an exclusive by Deadline where it was reported that Locke & Key writer/executive producer Josh Friedman (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) signed a new three-year deal to develop new projects with 20th Century. He will also be a consulting producer on Bones drama spinoff, The Finder this fall.

Creator and writer of the comic, Joe Hill blogged Wednesday about how the pilot was similar in tone to Super 8, with an “early 80′s scary Spielberg vibe” and the hope is that the pilot can be shown at San Diego Comic-Con in July. Hill also said that the pilot was very close to the source material and was overall happy with what Friedman and Mark Romanek’s pilot. Who knows, maybe someone will see it at Comic-Con, or the reaction of the crowd and be encouraged to pursue new life. I still find it odd that Fox would pass on it to couple with Fringe on Friday nights. Given what’s been said about the pilot, it must have been terribly expensive to make and maybe Fox used up all of it’s play money for the never-ending escalating costs of Steven Spielberg-produced Dino-drama, Terra Nova.

While Hill was hopeful Wednesday, Thursday’s news is disheartening for fans of the comic and supernatural horror genres. The comic has the potential to be fantastic television show to be in the same breath as AMC’s The Walking Dead. It would be easy to hold a candle for the “never say never” maxim, but it’s looking like Locke & Key may be filed with the rest of the best shows never made. At least we still have the wonderful comics to read.


There's also a review of the pilot with a few screenshots, though it's a little spoilery if you haven't read the first volume of the comic book series.
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