Taylor Momsen is the new Samantha Thavasa model.

Taylor Momsen have been announced as Samantha Thavasa newest model. The great news came officially today from Thavasa’s official Facebook page.“We would like to introduce Taylor Momsen as our new promotional model. And we are going to have a press conference this Saturday. So excited!  ” wrote the fashion company. Taylor has arrived in Japan to do some promos with Samantha! We’re really excited to see Ms. Momsen rocking in a another campaign! Click the image on the left to see it in good quality, gorgeous.
Samantha Thavasa is a Japanese fashion company, known primarily for their popular handbags. It was founded in 1994 by Kazumasa Terada, the current CEO and president.In Japan, the company has over 130 retail stores. In late 2006, Samantha Thavasa opened its first U.S. store in New York City. Taylor was looking super gorgeous while attending a press conference for Samantha Thavasa earlier today in Omotesando, Tokyo, June 18th. Japanese fashion model Jessica Michibata was also there.

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