lorie (flytome) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

More Keane news!

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More news from Keane. Channel 4's Planet Sound have announced that the first two UK singles from Keane's new album will be 'Atlantic', a download-only single to be released in mid-April, followed by 'Is It Any Wonder?', which will follow on physical formats on May 29th. These will be the first singles off their new album, 'Under The Iron Sea," which I posted about here earlier.

'Atlantic' is rumored to be about the struggle of pianist Tim Rice-Oxley's relationship with his now wife on the road. Rumors are that they'll start a US tour in or around September/October.

source: Me and the official Keane forum.

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Busy, busy day in the world of Keane after months of silence. Yay!

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