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Wentworth Miller has a stalker fan

A fan from the Wentworth Miller Yahoo group met the actor recently, but this chick is crazy.

Her story is under the cut:

Posted March 19th

Well, I was a total IDIOT!!!!! Thinking back, there are many things like everything that I would do different if I had the chance.He was filming in my area, and so I hung out on the set area (he wasnt filming at the time, some other actors were). I found his trailer and knocked, he said hello 2x and I said hi but he didnt open the door. I think i was there FREEZING for a few hours then was escorted out, so I left the location for about an hour and went back. I walked around confident like I was supposed to be there. I walked and walked and walked and walked, again its like 20 degrees outside. So I said this is it, im going once more if I dont see him, then Im leaving.

I came around a corner and he came around the corner. He was all bundled up, cold, smoking with his IPOD in his ear. He said "hey" I said hey whats up, then said "OHH SH@%" he turned and i said many dumb things after this. I said ohh you smoke....uhh have you seen a wallet anywhere? I think I lost mine back here, Its black with a pink J on it, he said softly "no, Im sorry I didnt, good luck finding it" I said thanks, then he started to walk away, then i Yelled, Wentworth, Mr. Miller (dork, I am) he walked back, and I said, I know it is terribly rude of me to ask, but would you please sign somethign for me, he said "yea thats fine" so I handed him this article from teh newspaper, and said stupidly, "its you" and he took the paper, I took it out of his hands and turned it right side up (so he wouldnt sign on his face) and then I said, I bet your happy to be heading back to california, he said yes, I appologized for the freezing weather, he said "whats your name" I said Jenny, he
then said "j e n n y" I said yup. He signed my paper, I thanked him, and he said "well good luck finding yoru wallet, I hope you find it," i said so do I but if you find it call me (what a dufus!!!!). He then went for a long walk....
why didnt I follow, why didnt I speak like the intelligent person I am, I so didnt want to bother him, but these opportunities dont happen every day. I blew it!! Well thats it, I am such a dork!

I went home (11:30 pm) happy as can be.


Here's a photo for good measure:

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source: Wentworth_Miller yahoo group/photo:


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