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interview with snakes on a plane production assistant!

Yes, I bring more SOAP-y goodness. While I'm not really a fan of for its music news, it comes through from time to time with some great things. This is one of those times. Warning-- many words ahead.

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Darren: Hi there, thank you very much for the interview.
Dylan: My pleasure

Please state your name and your role in the film Snakes On A Plane
My name is Dylan Innes and did some time day calling on Snakes on a Plane as a production assistant

Fascinating. What did this work involve?
Well, sadly it's a little less fascinating than you might expect. Basically my duties were hauling equipment, making sure nobody walked onto set, and setting up tables and piling cones.
Oh and guarding a parking lot. Can't forget that

Is that all?
Oh! And i swept up some cigarette butts

Interesting. So, aside from Samuel L. Jackson, you were pretty much the number one man on set.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure the production would have fallen apart if i wasn't there

Excellent. Now, when you were working on it, I understand that it was under a different title, correct?
yeah, at the time i think it was called Pacific Air Flight 151, something along those lines. It wasn't until a few months later that i had realized the phenomenon i had actually been a part of.

I'm guessing you're thankful that it was changed - I don't think your resume would be quite as nice without SNAKES ON A PLANE in big letters on it.
i was really excited when i changed the title on my resume. Who wouldn't want to hire someone who worked on a project called Snakes on a Plane?

If I were you, my resume would be a blank piece of paper with nothing but SNAKES ON A PLANE in size 73 font, and then my name in the bottom corner. Hell, my resume now contains the fact that I interviewed a production assistant from Snakes on a Plane.
Sadly, many people aren't aware of Snakes on a Plane yet so I don't think that would have the desired mind blowing effect on a lot of employers

After August 18th, you should be fine. Hell, you'll probably be a millionaire.
Well, I don't think they're going to pay me any more money, but I received a nice paycheck a week or so after i had worked on the show. I'm just happy to have had a hand in it, even if that hand spent a lot of the day stacking cones

What can you tell us about the movie?
Well, i was actually around for a good part of the filming that day and i can give you the inside scoop on the scenes that were filmed that day

Okay, basically what was filmed was this: one of the main actors rode around on a dirt bike for a bit

On the plane? Was it a snake riding it?!
No, in the forest or jungle, and sadly it was some white dude. There were no snakes that day.

I see. There's a forest in the movie? And white people? I thought it was just Samuel and Kenan and a plane.
And snakes, don't forget snakes. But yes, i have it on good authority that there will be white people featured in this film. One of these white guys got thrown off a bridge and then Korean gangsters came and shot him. It was quite an entertaining stunt to watch. Then the dirt bike guy saw it and sped away while the Koreans shot at him. Those were some pissed off Koreans. I met dirt bike guy and some of the Koreans at the catering tent... we exchanged head nods.

I see. Did you see any other scenes that you can give us an inside scoop on?
Well i know for a fact that there will be a shot of a train riding along train tracks. It looked epic from what i saw.

Wow. Snakes on a Train?
Maybe in the sequel (if there is one), but I saw no evidence of this train containing any reptiles of any sort.

I see. I see.
Sadly there were no snakes on the day i was there. But my father who worked in lighting on the project worked on the plane WITH the snakes. So he saw some definite snake and Sammy J action.

Wow. I should've interviewed him instead.
(Laughs) You're breaking my heart

My words are like venom
snake venom?

Precisely. Have you watched the internet trailer that has hit the internet by storm?
Yes, actually. I was quite impressed by the level of snakes and plane that were contained in it. I think they got the ratios down beautifully

I would have to agree. Do you have any knowledge about another, longer trailer coming out anytime soon?
I would assume that there will be a longer theatrical trailer released in the near future


Now, I have some questions from the users of our website, who, believe me, are probably the biggest fans of your work around.
I am excited to answer these questions

youareallfreaks asks: how did those mutherfuckin SNAKES, get on that fuckin PLANE, anyway?
From what i understand, that was the doing of Korean terrorists which may very well be the same terrorists I saw shoot that white dude on set

Those bastards.
They mean business, that's for sure

romantic rights asks: will there be a line that goes "there's snakes in this motherfucking plane?"
If there is a God: yes. If God is in fact Samuel L. Jackson: definitely.

MLLMillenium asks: How will the snakes be in the movie, any CGI, rubber snakes real ones? What sizes? Anacondas? Vipers a black mamba possibly?
I'm not sure what types of snakes will be contained on the plane but i do know that there are CGI, rubber, animatronic AND real snakes on the plane. A little of everything has been thrown in

Andy asks: Will they auction off the plane after the movie is done, or will it enter the Smithsonian?
I think it may have been deconstructed or may be sitting in a warehouse to be used as the plane in other films. One thing is for sure and that is that any other movie that uses this plane will be met with instant success from the blessing that Snakes on a Plane has brought it. We're talking voodoo magic here.

That's a hell of a plane.

Jared Kaufman asks: Does he or the rest of the crew and cast realize the phenomenon of this film and it's affect on the internet (i.e. these forums (, etc.) and all the signatures with artwork, graphics, one-liners, etc.)?
I'm pretty sure that the sheer scope and glory of this e-phenomenon has not gone undetected by those involved with the project. I know that my life has been given more meaning just because i was involved in some small way

I bet you get more ass than ever now. Probably have to beat them off of you with a rubber snake.
Well, I'm sure it helped me attract my current girlfriend, that's for sure. As for the other girls, i don't tell them about my involvement. I imagine I'd be hunted down Beatle-mania style if they knew, and that's not something I'm prepared to endure.

elemenohpe asks: How many Keenan & Kel / All That jokes were made on the set?
Well, another PA i worked with told me that Kenan was joking around quite a bit but I'm not sure there was any mention of Kel. I think Kenan is more interested with current endeavours than he is with his past with Kel

Adeniz19 asks: how many mothin fuckin snakes does Sam Jackson kill?
Well, that's information that has been kept quite confidential but i hear whisperings that Sam Jackson will in fact take on a lot of mutha fucking snakes on this plane. I completely expect to see him punch some snakes in the head. It will be a cinematic feast for sure.

Well, we already know he uses a tazer on at least one snake. I wouldn't be surprised if he uses more creative methods in the future
I've speculated that Sam might open the rear hatch and throw some of these snakes off of the plane... perhaps while saying something dramatic and badass such as "geronimo"

I think it would be "Geronimo, motherfucker!"
Basically, with this many snakes, sam jackson, and a plane, the sky is the limit

seancoia asks: seeing as im trying to get into the business, and i dont have a specific job title cemented in my head, what tips do you have to get into the movie business? are there any advantages/disadvantages to having a degree from an art school as opposed to a liberal arts school? is the business really about who you know to get jobs as much as i have been hearing?
well, for a newcomer to get into the movie business it is essential to live in a filming hotspot. the fact that i live in vancouver does wonders for me. Basically, when summer hits and there's a lot of productions going on it's easy to get in doing something low end. Film degrees definitely help matters. If you come out with a degree you get to work cool jobs such as assistant director or script supervisor... stuff of that caliber. and the film industry is very much about who you know. if you have contacts, it's infinitely easier to get involved in projects

DroppedUrPocket asks: Did Samuel L Jackson get with all the white bitches on the set?
I assume he got with many bitches of varying ethnicities.

Adeniz19 asks: do you already have your academy award speech written out?
Well, i won't receive any Academy Awards for my work but i am almost certain that Sam Jackson will receive not only the award for Best Actor in a leading role, but by the sheer manliness and brilliance of his performance, he will receive every other major award at next year's ceremony. And instead of a speech, Sam Jackson will simply ask Billy Crystal if he speaks English and shoot him in the leg.

LPMagic asks: Will there be a sequel?
Only if everyone goes and sees Snakes on a Plane and the network execs realize just how amazing and profitable a sequel will be but i have high hopes of seeing snakes that are on a boat or a bus or something like that in the near future

duffe asks: Is this movie will be release in France? (Ed. Note: sentence left in its original, unedited form to show off how French duffe really is)

Jared Kaufman asks: Will there be any guest appearances from raptors? Like, I say we have a raptor jump out of the lavatory and it bites off Sam Jackson's arm -- I'm just saying.
I don't think there will be any raptors in this movie, but if there were, Sam Jackson would make short work of them.

FstFtsVsFences asks: Ask about how honored Samuel L Jackson is to finally be working with Keenan Thompson.
I think it would be the other way around

Are you sure?
Pretty sure... Sam Jackson was Mace Windu, man. And he was in Pulp Fiction! That's heavy shit.

Kenan was in Good Burger.
Your argument is very poor, sir


FstFtsVsFences asks: Will there be action figures in support of the film?
I sure hope so. I'd like to make Sam Jackson punch some snakes while chilling in the bath tub.

Maybe you could buy snakes in one set, and then a plane in another, and they could combine into a super-action figure
Well, I've toyed with the idea of taking rubber snakes and gluing them to model planes, but I've been fairly busy with other ventures lately

How is it that other ventures take priority over things related to SOAP?
I'm a terrible human being... that's basically the short answer

tonton46 asks: With all of the hype surrounding this movie now, are you going to embrace the joke-like stigma attached to it? Or are you still going to attempt for it to be taken seriously?
well, it is a serious work of art but what's the point of life if you can't jokingly yell out that there are snakes on this mutha-fucking plane?

That isn't a life I would want to live. Now, for the most important question of the interview:

tonton46 asks: What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Revolution?
I'm a little concerned about that zany new remote control thing. But of course I haven't seen it in action. Personally I think it's a bit silly, but if it works and allows me a pleasurable experience while smacking my friends down in the next Smash Bros. installment, I'm all for it

Maybe Sam Jackson will use the Revmote to kill a Snake... or you could use the Revmote in the inevitable Snakes On A Plane videogame, developed by the developers of Superman 64 and ET for Atari!
That would be the pinnacle of human achievement

Do you have anything else you'd like to tell our readers, no doubt still on the edge of their seats for more Snakes information?
Well, I know that I met many of the people involved and saw how dedicated they were to the project. I'm sure they're going to put out a very entertaining and memorable product. Also, i hear that Sam Jackson is a pretty cool dude, and he bought hats for the crew that said Pacific Air on them

Wow. He keeps it real.
He certainly does, and with his help i know that this will without a doubt be the best film of the new millennium.

Well, thank you so much for your time, and congratulations again on being a part of this monumental motion picture event.


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