Hermione and Young Neil?

Rumors are flying that Emma Watson and Johnny Simmons are "dating each other exclusively" and have "gotten serious fast" on the set of "Perks of Being a Wallflower".


If your proof has to come from PDA pics you will be hard pressed to find that from Emma Watson.
PDA in her world = hand holding. She only provides scraps for the rumor mill to sift through.

Johnny Simmons video portrait by Tyler Shields.


Emma took Johnny to the MTV Movie Awards but made him do the "Emma Watson boyfriend at public event dance". That means she had him sit three seats away from her during the show and walk at least 5 feet behind her to keep out of camera range.

Video captures Johnny hanging back from Emma walking to the after-party. John takes a tumble when he reaches the stairs. His attention must have been focused elsewhere?


In May they were pictured at the Saloon, a bar in Mount Lebanon, PA. A bar patron who took the picture posted the tidbit "there is no doubt in my mind they are banging". However he seems to have also assumed it was Emma and Logan instead of Emma and Johnny as he said she was in the bar with her "underage co-star".


Forum rules prohibit the posting of the Emma/Johnny kiss outside her hotel in LA.

Expect the standard "just friends" statement any day.

6/16/2011 - Update: Emma's reps say "completely untrue". Although unclear if it's the entire EmSim thing, the her moving to LA for him part - which no one believed anyway - or what.
Damn, had all my money riding on a "just friends" statement.