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Young Buck Stiffs Chef On Birthday Bash.

A celebrity chef has just filed a lawsuit against Young Buck for allegedly being stiffed out of $5,600 after catering the rapper's birthday bash.

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According to reports, Buck (born David Brown) recently held a three-day birthday celebration, but is supposedly refusing to pay Irving Brown II, the personal chef that catered the event.

Approximately 300 guests attended Buck's party, including stars like R&B quartet Jagged Edge and Young Jeezy. The bash included Cristal, prime rib and seafood.

Word is Brown often works with celebs, but has never had problems until working for Buck.

The rapper's last birthday bash also turned wrong. Last year, 30 police officers had to restore order when roughly 700 people attempted to rush in Nashville, Tenn's Tap nightclub because tickets being sold out. This year's event was held at King of Clubs nightclub in Nashville.

"He called us at the last minute and wanted us to do this for three nights and then cancelled after the first night, saying he couldn't afford it," Dr. Katherine Brown, Irivng's wife told the Post Chronicle. "Meanwhile, he drives off in his Bentley and was walking around the party carrying a bottle of Cristal in each hand that costs $475 each."


Why the hell wouldn't he pay him? I don't get it.

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